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Popup Domination is one of the awesome plugin available to increase your subscribers in less span of time. The main aim of this plugin is to increase your email reader and to drive huge traffic to your site. These two results in making lots of income easily

The PopUp Domination 3.0 is out, more cool features and themes ready for you to rock your subscribers count, and double your online sales. I’ve been using it on the blog for over a year, and it has shown great results in increasing my email list opt-ins, I highly recommend it for internet marketers who wants to speed up the process of building their email list. So keep reading my review.

Many internet marketers are using WordPress as their main CMS (Content Management System), this is not surprising, I mean who can resists the huge level of development that has been offered to online businesses via WordPress!


Why to Use Popup Domination?

If you are ready to build your email list then there is an urgent need to install popup domination in your site. As there is an update now, I recommend to use popup domination 3.0 as it is developed with more features.

Many blogger reject pop up’s. But in my opinion, why should we reject them if that is useful for us. You may reject pop up’s unless you think they are useless.

What’s new in Popup Domination 3.0 ?

Really amazing development has been added to the new version of Popup Domination 3.0 including:

  • Multiple Popups and campaigns
  • Analytics
  • A /B testing and lots more

Here is the brief explanation of these three updates

  • Multiple Popups and campaigns:

The new version allows you to simply create as many popups as you like, give every popup its own options, which theme to use, and where to actually display the popup, this is ideal for campaigns.

For example we can set one popup on home page and another one on a particular post or page. This one is really a cool and interesting option.

  • Analytics:

This is something that many users asked for, the ability to know how views, opt-ins each popup gets!

  • Popup Domination A/B Split Testing

We said about Multiple Popup’s option in Popup domination 3.0. Using this A/B split testing method we can compare all popup’s at a time to know which one is reaching your readers and getting more subscriptions

Awesome Themes and Colors

Default Popup Domination 3.0 comes with 7 themes made with 14 different colors. These 7 themes are totally different from others and fully customizable. Even there is an option to change the color of Buttons too.

Here are images of 7 different themes



Hope you liked this post on How to Use PopUp Domination To Boost Your Webpage Traffic.

My Final Words:

It’s the simplicity of application that makes this such a good solution to one of the most important aspects of your online business – building your email list.

This plugin Popup Domination official site is easy to install. If you’re a WordPress blogger all you need to do is upload the plugin, activate it, then configure the variables, choose the template you like, and away you go. It’s costs only 67$ with discount for lifetime membership.

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