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Take this #1 SEO Analysis and Search Engine Research Software with 62% Off Special Promo Price $47 ONLY. This offer will end very soon.

Important Insights of RankRecon:

1. RankRecon uncovers Google's algorithm and shows you what they think is important!

Simply enter the keyword you're trying to rank for, with your website URL.

Rank Recon will return YOUR entire linking profile percentages automatically.

Not only that, but it then grabs your top ranking competitors' linking profiles and allows you to do side-by-side comparisons to see EXACTLY what you need to do to out-compete them in Google.

Never-before has this data been available to the public.

Google is showing us which sites they think are important. They're telling us which sites they like most.

2. And RankRecon tells us WHY Google likes them so much.

All you have to do is take the data and start building backlinks in the exact way that Google loves.

Social Signals are now a much bigger player in the SEO game than ever before. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and others play a vital role in the rankings for many websites on Google.

And because of this, Rank Recon now has the ability to provide this social intelligence about your competitors' sites.

Ever wonder how your competition is out-ranking you when they only have a few backlinks pointing to their website?

Many times it's because of these social signals. Google can now easily tell if a website is being talked about in the social network sites like Facebook and Twitter.

3. With RankRecon, you can see all of the social signal data too!

Knowing how to out-compete your competition for a single keyword can now easily be done with the help of our competition analysis features.

But even more… knowing what other keywords your website is ALREADY ranking for is an even BIGGER advantage over your competition!

The more advantages you have over your competition, the more clients you'll earn! It's as simple as that.

Not only can our software give you the data for the specific keyword that you're asking for…

WATCH THE VIDEO to see it in ACTION and Uncover Google's Hidden Algorithm:

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