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Learn from Jon – Internet Marketing Coaching by Jonathan Leger. Say goodbye to your Boss, because Jon giving you the training you need to QUIT YOUR JOB!

This is the video that’s currently on the home page of LearnFromJon.com. It covers the three step formula that all successful businesses follow.

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Basic Business Principles

Step #1 – Market Analysis
This video goes into detail about how to perform the first two steps of the three step formula above: analyzing a niche to see if it’s profitable overall, then targeting a specific problem in that niche and also how to find an affiliate product to offer that solves the problem.

Step #2 – Build Your Website
This is a series of videos performed by the designer of Jon's wildly popular NicheJet.com service, Josh Spaulding. He takes you step by step through the creation of a top quality, secure WordPress blog. He covers Domain Registration, Website Setup, WordPress Customization and Publishing Content to the site.

Step #3 – Writing To Sell
This lesson covers the six things that you must be doing when writing any kind of sales copy to make sure that you convert as many visitors into buyers as possible.

Step #4 – Building An Email List
Regardless of what kind of site you’re building, you need to build an email list. The money is *definitely* in the list, and this lesson shows you how to build that list and the follow-up information to send to that list before pitching them the products you think they should buy.

Step #5 – Get Traffic To Your Site
No matter how fantastic your site is, without people visiting it you’ll never make a dime. This lesson series will cover Search Engine Optimization, AdWords, Facebook Ads and YouTube video traffic. The video portion will be created by Amin Motin, Jon's video guru.

All of the lessons are simple and easy to follow, providing no nonsense information that is practical and you can put to use immediately.

And remember, if you don’t understand something, need clarification about something, or have questions about things that aren’t in the lessons, you can always ask them via the forum or a personal email to Jon Leger, Amin or Josh.

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