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People talk all the time about how ranking in Google is the “holy grail” of Internet Marketing. If you want your business to be a real success online, you've got to rank in Google.

But how do you do that? What keywords should you target? What should you do to your site so Google will love it? It's so hard to know…

Maybe it WAS hard to know, but not anymore!

Keyword Canine, an incredible tool for search engine keyword analysis and optimization, has just released a HUGE update! No, not an update, a complete overhaul. It's version 3.0, and it's been completely rewritten from the ground up.

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Check out everything KC3 will do for you:

=> Domain Dashboard [Brand New In Version 3.0!]

The domain dashboard tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about your site:

[*] How likely the pages of the site are to rank in Google
[*] How likely an individual page is to rank in Google
[*] Important metrics about how much Google trusts your site
[*] Whether the links coming in are high enough quality

It also checks for problems with your site's health and makes suggestions about what to improve. Things like:

[*] How fast your site loads
[*] Whether it properly supports mobile users
[*] Whether it's secure
[*] Whether it's getting enough social media interest
[*] How many links the site has coming into it

Incredible isn't it? Ready to check it out? Then here's the link:


But that's only ONE of the many, many tools in KC3.

=> Keyword Explorer [Completely Rewritten For 3.0!]

The Keyword Explorer is the flagship tool of Keyword Canine. It makes it incredibly fast and easy to see how hard it will be to rank for any set of keywords, and to find other related keywords to rank for.

It can:

[*] Analyze up to 40 keywords in 20 seconds! No other tool is faster.
[*] Tell you if the competition is easy / moderate / hard / fierce
[*] Show you all of Google AdWords' keyword suggestions
[*] Show you the monthly searches and dollar value of every keyword
[*] Show the top ranking sites for the keywords so you can SEE the competition
[*] Give you important metrics about each competing page
[*] Save all of the data into custom lists that you can come back to later
[*] Export all of that data for your own use outside of Keyword Canine

I have to tell you, I've seen the Keyword Explorer in action and there is NO OTHER TOOL that can help you analyze keywords for SEO like Keyword Canine. You have GOT to see it to believe it!

=> Backlinks Report [Completely Rewritten for 3.0!]

Everybody knows that to rank in Google you need lots of high quality links. But how do you know who's linking to you, and whether or not those links are good enough? KC3's Backlinks Report reveals ALL!

It shows you:

[*] The number of links to the page
[*] How many unique domains are linking to the page
[*] The number of links to the entire site
[*] How many unique domains are linking to the entire site
[*] How many Unique Class-C IPs are linking to the page
[*] How many of your links are from .EDU/.GOV (highly trusted) sites
[*] The anchor text breakdown of the links
[*] The KC Rank breakdown of the links (like PageRank, only up-to-date)
[*] How many DOFOLLOW/NOFOLLOW links you have

This incredible tool also gives you the list of all of the links coming into the page. You can see the URL, the Anchor Text, the KC Rank AND how many links are aimed at THAT page/site.

With one click of the mouse you can switch between a list of links aimed at just your page or a list of links aimed at your entire site. And the links are sortable, too!

This is one serious tool, The video on the Keyword Canine site shows you everything about it.

=> Rank Tracker [Brand New in KC3.0!]

An SEO tool simply wouldn't be complete if it couldn't TRACK the keywords that your sites are ranking for, would it? So in Keyword Canine 3.0 they've added a full-featured rank tracker.

This tool goes the extra mile, too. It can:

[*] Track your rankings in Google, Yahoo, Bing and more
[*] Show you your rankings for both Desktop devices AND mobile devices
[*] Show you how your rankings have changed over time

What really blows me away about this tool is that it doesn't just give you desktop ranking data. Especially since Google changed their search engine to show different results to mobile devices, it's incredibly important for you to see how your pages are ranking both for desktop users and mobile users.

=> Search Digger [Completely Rewritten For 3.0!]

The Search Digger is a tool that pulls keyword search suggestions from a ton of different sites: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, eBay and YouTube. It's powerful because it finds thousands and thousands of “long-tail”, low-competition keywords that other webmasters don't know about!

I say they don't know about them because most webmasters use Google's AdWords keyword tool, and that tool only shows a very limited number of keywords that people are actually searching for. If you go to Google and start typing in some keywords, it shows a list of many, many related keywords — and those often never appear in AdWords. But clearly people are searching for them because Google is suggesting the to you!

The Search Digger extracts all of those suggestions and gives them to you in a big list! You can filter, save, and export that list however you please.

This tool gives you an edge over all of the other webmasters out there — a definite MUST HAVE.

=> Keyword Optimizer [Brand New For Keyword Canine 3.0!]

The Keyword Optimizer is a handy little tool that extracts all of the important words and phrases from any URL you give it. From there you can analyze those keywords in the Keyword Explorer and see if any of the keywords that are already on your page are worth optimizing further (such as by getting links to the page).

You can also just paste an article into the tool and have it analyze the keywords from the article text. And it also you do a keyword search! It will load the top 10 pages that rank in Google for the keywords and show you all of the important keywords on THEIR pages. Awesome!

Keyword Canine 3.0 is JAM PACKED with everything a webmaster needs to know about their site's SEO health, the keywords they should try to rank for, how well linked their sites are and how well they are ranking in a variety of search engines for those keywords.

It truly is THE BEST SEO TOOL EVER CREATED! I strongly recommend you get access to it NOW.

And during the launch of Keyword Canine 3.0 you have the opportunity to get LIFETIME ACCESS to the tool. This is your only chance to pay for the tool ONCE and never again! For everyone else it's subscription based, but if you buy it by October 15th you'll only pay ONE TIME and get all future upgrades for free.

So now's the time. Go get access to Keyword Canine 3.0 and start sending your site to the top of Google today!

Here's the link one more time:

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