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How would You like paying 300% to 500% less on Captcha Solving? You say Impossible? Well, Think again…

CaptchaTronix's Captcha Solving service saves You 300% – 500% and sometimes even more money compared to what You pay at ANY other Captcha Solving service! Wanna know why?? Well, it is simple.. They DON'T CHARGE PER CAPTCHA! While all rest services charge per solved captcha image… INCREDIBLE! AMAZING! UNBELIEVABLE! Well, isn't it? With any of the plans You can Solve UNLIMITED Captchas with absolutely NO Restrictions! See the difference now? Let's repeat it again: They DON'T CHARGE PER CAPTCHA!

Save Big Money from Purchasing Captcha Solving Software!

There are few Captcha Breaking programs available and they are doing good job, however let's tell You few things that were spared to You! These programs cost one time high fee of well over $150.00, which is signifficant amount to pay at once. You need to babysit them for crashes, plus You need strong PC / VPS to run them on, which is again additional recurring expense. Not to mention You need to wait for their developers to update them with new Captchas to solve, which is quite slow because of the one-time fee. Having all that in mind, CX service scratches out all said above and provides You absolutely reliable and professional Captcha Solving at very attractive and affordable rates with Special Discount rates.

Stop Paying Big Money for slow Captcha Solving and check The Unbeatable Plans with 10% OFF Discount Prices!

STARTER$15.97 / $14.37
CX10$27.97 / $25.17
CX20$47.77 / $42.99
CX30$69.77 / $62.79
CX40$89.97 / $80.97
CX50$97.77 / $87.99
CX75$129.97 / $116.97
CX100$147.77 / $132.99

Here's exactly what You get with Your account:

100% Automated Captcha Solving
Solve Unlimited Captchas, absolutely no pay per captcha
60% – 70% reCaptcha Solving success rate!
Constant Improvements & Updates
Lightening Fast Solving Times – current average 3.5 sec.
Remote API Access, Documentation & Code Samples
SEO Linkbuilding Tools Integration (GSA SER, GSA CB and NHSEO)
Fantastic Statistics & Charts
Free Lifetime 24/7 Customer Service & Support


Enjoy 🙂

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