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Have you ever browsed the front page of Google for powerMTA server installations, or search fiverr for someone to setup your email server for you?

If you've I bet you have noticed they sometimes charge you upwards of $500 per setup. I've been working in the marketing industry for quite sometime now, built thousands lists and even helped run an autoresponder company.

My main passion was computers and especially servers so setting up an email server for me was EASY as pie, but when I tried to teach a friend how to set one up he was banging his head off the wall and couldn't understand what I was going about.

He asked me if there was an easier way, a way where he could install a server with powerMTA, interspire, spf, dkim and addons without needing to spend days getting it done.

He's A Busy Guy…


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AutoPMTA Features:

  • Server setup within 5 minutes.
  • PowerMTA, Interspire, Addons, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, ELHO, rDNS.
  • Automatic IP Warm UP.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • Unlimited server license.


Four Reasons Marketers Like Using AutoPMTA…

Full Automation:
No need to waste your time on setting up servers when AutoPMTA can do all the hard work for you automatically. It can even warm up your IPs.

Simple To Use:
You get a fully setup email server capable of sending hundreds of thousands emails a day by answering a few questions.

Cost Saving:
Email server technicians charges hundreds to setup just one server, you can setup unlimited servers for just one cost.

Total Support:
Supplied with AutoPMTA is a written manual, video demonstration and you get personal skype ID.


Addons Installed With AutoPMTA…

Multi Thread
With Multithreaded sends are now made through multiple simultaneous connections, resulting in high speeds when sending campaigns.

Multiple MTA
Send campaigns using various SMTPs with automatic rotation. Multiple SMTP accounts from subdomains, each with unique Ip.

Geo Location and Statistics
Know precisely where your emails were opened, Country, Region, City, user statistics, email campaigns, export statistics by country, by region and city.

Advanced Backup Export
Easily export opened emails, clicked emails, removed emails, campaigns, forms, and reports of your system through complete and custom filters.

Social Network Tracking
Monitor real-time responsiveness of your campaigns on social networks, follow the sharing of statistics by campaign and the addition and removal in networks.

IP Monitor
Follow daily reports on the reputation of your IPs, the query result in blacklisting and Reverse DNS of all contracted IPs.

Email Spinning
Increase the deliverability of your campaigns rotating the subject, sender email, reply mail, return mail, email signature and email the internal links.

Rotation of IPs and more!
The servers are delivered fully configured with rotation of IPs, optimized MySQL, DKIM, DMARC, Spf, Rdns, Interspire and PowerMTA.

Interspire Fast Import
Import thousands of emails with just a few clicks quickly and easily.


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