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WARNING: This company has turned into scam. I've received many complaints from other users. So, I'd suggest everyone not to go for their products. Because our intent here is not to make just affiliate commission from our loyal visitors and members. We believe in trust and relations instead of money.


Buying different tools can cost you a lot of money. Fortunately, Atomic Email Studio is here to eliminate this hassle.

It is a complete package for all the tools you will need for Email Marketing. Now you never have to waste money on unnecessary things and hence focus time and funds on productive and pin point targets.

Atomic Email Studio Coupon Code is already integrated to the purchase link. The regular price is $299, but today you'll get it in just $179.


atomic email studio coupon

Atomic Email Studio is one of the best solutions when it comes to email list and campaign management for small to large online businesses. This email suite offers tools to build, clean, and manage emailing lists. Atomic Email Studio is also recommended for sending bulk information to clients, customers, and authorities.

Atomic Email Studio is your powerhouse when it comes to email marketing solutions. One benefit is that it lets you control all your campaigns: Compose and send newsletters, manage lists, and collect contacts. In addition, you will also have an access to view the statistics of your campaigns via an online service called Atomic Email Tracker.

If you are looking for a tool to help you with your email marketing needs, then you can never go wrong if you choose Atomic Email Studio. Good news! The publishers are now offering coupon codes so that you can get big big discounts!

Before, you still have to download a lot of tools for your email marketing. Now, you only have to download and install one file and you will have all the things you need to advertise your products and services. Since Atomic Email Studio contains all the essential tools, you can save a lot of money from buying separate programs.

Here are the reasons why you should choose Atomic Email Studio:

It makes easy to manage emailing lists and projects. You have all you need in your email marketing campaign in one window.

AES is a money saver as it has all the email marketing tools that you will need. You can try the program for free but they are in demo version. You still have to buy a license to activate all nine programs. This saves you money from buying different tools with different license.

Atomic Email Studio is very easy to use.  You can drag and drop items, add or delete lists and projects, launch tools to modify your search query.

You can easily migrate from any applications. Download the suite (which is around 18 Mb) and organize the icons on desktop and start menu, if you want to have a single point of entry to the email marketing tools. You can undo this action when uninstalling the program.

Below are the nine essential programs included in a single package:

  • Atomic Mail Sender: this is for sending bulk emails to your customers.
  • Atomic List Manager: this is for managing and editing your mailing lists.
  • Atomic Subscription Manager: this is for handling subscriptions automatically.
  • Atomic Mail Verifier: this is for verifying email addresses.
  • Atomic Email Hunter: this is for hunting and collecting contacts from the web. It extracts contact email addresses from web pages.
  • Atomic Email Logger: this is for gathering contacts from your local files.
  • Atomic Newsgroup Explorer: this is for getting contacts from newsgroups.
  • Atomic WHOIS Explorer: this is for collecting contacts from global WHOIS database.
  • Atomic Web Spider: this is for collecting contacts from websites visited.

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